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Encontro das Águas

Dublock – Encontro das Águas

Encontro das Águas by Dublock Five tracks of hypnotic, ambient dub techno pulsing with the Meeting of the Waters. Begun in 2018 and more or

A Serene Sky and Clear Air

Dublock – A Serene Sky and Clear Air

TC5.005 – A Serene Sky and Clear Air / $T∆3IL by Dublock / Trium Circulorum A split double-album with Trium Circulorum offering some smooth, late-night


Dublock – Nectarine

Nectarine by Dublock Two ambient, beat-free pieces of symphonic electronica. The first caresses your ears. The second bludgeons them.


Dublock – Delusion

Delusion by Dublock Let us tell of England’s groan unpleasant land. Of cricket whiter than whites, ruddy of cheek, barrel of chest, bulbous of neck

The Old Straight Track

Dublock – The Old Straight Track

The Old Straight Track by Dublock Drawing inspiration from the depths of the earth and the timeless landscape, Dublock returns with an album of shamanic

Dangrabad Beta

Dublock – Dangrabad Beta

Dangrabad Beta by Dublock A four track EP on minimal techno, constructed quickly, jammed into existence and then refined.

Sirius Tau

Dublock – Sirius Tau

Sirius Tau by Dublock The second full-length Dublock album builds on previous work, though with more of a techno focus this time around. The tracks


Dublock – Hastromil

Hastromil by Dublock A trio of remixes to start 2018 with some techno. Your Silence Is Violence from the previous Repulsion EP is given more