Skogstokig by Gordon Chapman-Fox A selection of music made after a six-month exposure to Scandinavian crime drama programmes. Orchestral string textures and pianos share the sonic landscape with digital synthesisers.

The Hidden One

Third Reel

The Hidden One by Third Reel A collaboration between Kanal Drei and Dublock. The two have found the common ground in their styles and have produced a superbly focused piece of work, from atmospheric hazy ambient pieces to beat laden Techno and some slower paced grooves too.

The Library of Noise

Viejos Hombres de Abejon

The Library of Noise by Viejos Hombres de Abejón Six years since the Viejos Hombres first landed with a blizzard of distortion, they are back. This is a soundtrack for our current dystopia. It’s the rally of the drums in the revolution, it’s the rave of the apocalypse. In short, it sounds like the sky […]

Bettie Page, Love Machine

Bettie Page

[FW144] Bettie Page, Love Machine by Stratosonics Stratosonics are back with another wholly unoriginal, noisy, and out of tune slab of balls to the wall rock and roll. Two songs of loud, raucous garage rock for you to insert into your ears. Enjoy!

BuzzFeed Baby

Buzzfeed Baby

[FW122] BuzzFeed Baby by Stratosonics Two new songs from Fwonk*s regular shit-kickers, Stratosonics. First up is BuzzFeed Baby, an ode to the popular social website for morons, followed by a brand new version of Yeah Yeah Yeah, which first appeared on Sonic Boom Boogie back in 2011. Two slabs of in your face rock and […]

Astrobastards and Assholes

Astrobastards and Assholes

[FW100.4] Astrobastards & Assholes by Stratosonics The Stratosonics return with another EP of short, fast, rocking tunes. If you like guitars laced with fuzz and cranked to eleven, drums that play through your head and snarled vocals with puerile lyrics, this is the EP for you. This is down and dirty fun.

Sonic Boom Boogie

sonic boom boogie

[FW085] Sonic Boom Boogie by Stratosonics Attention all you greasers, hopheads and squares! Stratosonics are here to jet propel you into the future with some down and dirty rock and roll! So quit your gawping and buckle in for some high speed, all attitude and no talent psychobilly vibes.


Pentecostal Chip Shop Holocaust

[FW057] ?! by Pentecostal Chip Shop Holocaust Lovingly crafted kicks to the eyeball, hewn from the finest available ingredients, and presented on a platter of bile. ?! is five angelic tracks of lilting power-violence.

Viejos Hombres de Abejón – Vol. 1

VHA vol1

Vol. 1 by Viejos Hombres de Abejón Viejos Hombres de Abejón are a collective of drone musicians, whose line-up on this release includes Heskin Radiophonic, Echosonic, and Vasko the Pig. Drawn from their collective experience, this release describes the experience of three liftimes lived, yet lived with an eye on the future.



NUMBERS FROM ANTIQUITY by MECHAGODZILLA Before there was any electronic music or solo compositions, there was a band. And that band was Mechagodzilla, from Wigan. I played bass, John-Boy on guitar and Alistair on drums was the core band. Other members came and went. We mashed together grindcore, with lounge music, jazz, funk and anything […]