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Bettie Page

Bettie Page, Love Machine

[FW144] Bettie Page, Love Machine by Stratosonics Stratosonics are back with another wholly unoriginal, noisy, and out of tune slab of balls to the wall

Buzzfeed Baby

BuzzFeed Baby

[FW122] BuzzFeed Baby by Stratosonics Two new songs from Fwonk*s regular shit-kickers, Stratosonics. First up is BuzzFeed Baby, an ode to the popular social website

Astrobastards and Assholes

Astrobastards and Assholes

[FW100.4] Astrobastards & Assholes by Stratosonics The Stratosonics return with another EP of short, fast, rocking tunes. If you like guitars laced with fuzz and

sonic boom boogie

Sonic Boom Boogie

[FW085] Sonic Boom Boogie by Stratosonics Attention all you greasers, hopheads and squares! Stratosonics are here to jet propel you into the future with some