Category: EP


Gordon Chapman-Fox – Skogstokig

Skogstokig by Gordon Chapman-Fox A selection of music made after a six-month exposure to Scandinavian crime drama programmes. Orchestral string textures and pianos share the


Dublock – Nectarine

Nectarine by Dublock Two ambient, beat-free pieces of symphonic electronica. The first caresses your ears. The second bludgeons them.


Dublock – Delusion

Delusion by Dublock Let us tell of England’s groan unpleasant land. Of cricket whiter than whites, ruddy of cheek, barrel of chest, bulbous of neck

Dangrabad Beta

Dublock – Dangrabad Beta

Dangrabad Beta by Dublock A four track EP on minimal techno, constructed quickly, jammed into existence and then refined.


Dublock – Hastromil

Hastromil by Dublock A trio of remixes to start 2018 with some techno. Your Silence Is Violence from the previous Repulsion EP is given more


Dublock – Repulsion

Repulsion by Dublock This album is written in a state of Repulsion at contemporary events in the UK and USA. These are written, partially in


Dublock – Extrusion

Extrusion by Dublock The debut EP of Dublock presents four tracks of stomping techno.

oddment dub

Heskin Radiophonic – Oddment Dub

Oddment Dub by heskin radiophonic A trio of techno-infused electronic dub. The bass is low, the beats are slow. Dial the intensity back several notches


Heskin Radiophonic – Madrigals

Madrigals by heskin radiophonic The silver Swan, who, living, had no Notewhen Death approached, unlocked her silent throat.Leaning her breast upon the reedy shore,thus sang