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People and Industry

People & Industry

People and Industry by Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan Gordon Chapman-Fox returns to Castles in Space with the second volume of stately electronica from his


Gordon Chapman-Fox – Skogstokig

Skogstokig by Gordon Chapman-Fox A selection of music made after a six-month exposure to Scandinavian crime drama programmes. Orchestral string textures and pianos share the

Encontro das Águas

Dublock – Encontro das Águas

Encontro das Águas by Dublock Five tracks of hypnotic, ambient dub techno pulsing with the Meeting of the Waters. Begun in 2018 and more or

Harris Museum

The Harris

Two short films to celebrate The Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston, Lancashire. Award-winning artist Lubaina Himid and antiques expert Eric Knowles tell what

Norman Long

Norman Long – Artist

A portrait of an artist, filmed in lockdown. Uses an extended version of a track from the Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan album Interim Report,

A Serene Sky and Clear Air

Dublock – A Serene Sky and Clear Air

TC5.005 – A Serene Sky and Clear Air / $T∆3IL by Dublock / Trium Circulorum A split double-album with Trium Circulorum offering some smooth, late-night

Northern Dough Co

The Northern Dough Co.

A soundtrack to an advert for The Northern Dough Co. The music is more on the whimsical side, rather than my usual ambient soundbeds.